Boys Varsity Basketball · District play, It’s Simple, Survive and Advance!

Tuesday February 21st against the O’hara Celtics at 4:00 PM at O’hara High School is where the journey through the tourney begins for our Southeast Knights.The stage is set for our Knights to prove themselves as one of the top teams in the Class 3 District 14 Boys Basketball Tournament. Survive and advance is the theme and our Knights will have to survive as they take on a formidable opponent in the first round of the district tournament. For Southeast, this tournament will define their season. “This is big ticket, blockbuster, box office, center stage and main event for our program. Fair or not, I’ll judge the success of our season by the results of the district tournament” a statement quoted by Varsity Head Coach Daryl Kearney. That’s an interesting quote because our Kinights, this season, were unbeaten in conference play and crowned conference champions. For some coaches, a conference championship may be the benchmark that defines a successful season. At Southeast, the goals are much bigger and the motivating hunger to be the best is what drives the coaches and players. A committment to excellence and the display of competitive pride are the intangible keys that starts the proverbial engine of Southeast’s basketball program. ” 1 IN ALL IN” is the philosophical pillar that supports Southeast hoops. That philosophy will have to be the foundation that supports the pathway to the district championship for the Knights. With teams like O’hara, Hogan Prep, Barstow and Summit Christian in the tournament, it’s going to take an ALL IN effort to survive and advance and be crowned district champions. I believe our Knights are ALL IN and ready to compete for the district tltle. With that said, I’ll end this article the way our Knights begin each game. They shout their pregame chant ” WE are Southeast, WE stand shoulder to shoulder, back to back, as WE do battle in competition. WE play ball for our family, our school, our coaches and each other. WE are Southeast!! Win on one, count down, three, two, one, WIN!!!!!!